Discount Personalized Key Chains

Personalized novelty gifts include a wide range of popular impulse-buy products, including pens, key chains, holiday ornaments, piggy banks and much more. These items tend to sell well when displayed near point-of-sale units or gift sections. They attract shoppers' attention while waiting in line to pay for planned purchases, and many people end up adding inexpensive zodiac key chains, personalized lanyards or golf tees to their shopping carts.

Personalized Novelty Gifts Help Diversify a Store's Inventory

Novelty items add a touch of humor to any dollar store's inventory, and they represent an excellent way to diversify a standard selection of top-selling products like consumables and cosmetics. Sales figures show that discount stores that stock a wider range of merchandise generate higher overall revenues.

With proper planning and creative use of space, personalized novelty gifts take up a relatively small percentage of a store's floor space while enticing customers to stick around and browse longer or spend more money than they planned. The longer a customer stays to browse the aisles of a discount retail outlet, the more money that individual is likely to spend in the end. Experienced retailers know that it's small items like personalized novelty gifts that can translate into big profits down the road, when displayed in an effective manner.

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