Discount Party Supplies

Dollar-store retailers can give overall sales figures a big boost by keeping a wide selection of everyday and seasonal wholesale party supplies on hand at all times. While these items sell particularly well at peak times of the year, most notably Halloween, Christmas and New Year's Eve, a comprehensive range of general merchandise also draws in shoppers looking to supply occasions like birthdays, graduations and surprise parties. Increasing consumer awareness of the dollar store's full range of merchandise is also a proven marketing tactic, drawing customers in for repeat visits.

Discount retailers make these products inexpensive for end consumers by purchasing at bulk rates from wholesalers, realizing healthy profits while still saving end consumers money. Purchasing party supplies from specialty gift shops can become a very expensive proposition in a big hurry, and dollar stores represent a one-stop, inexpensive alternative that's very attractive to shoppers.

Stock Wholesale Party Supplies throughout the Year

Wholesale discounts are available on a wide range of popular items, including hats, paper plates, disposable forks and knives, plastic drink cups, balloons, decorations, gift bags, greeting cards and much more. Space-saving, inexpensive display racks are also available, helping store proprietors make their selections of wholesale party supplies more visible to consumers.

To gain access to a catalog of over 70,000 top-selling products at low bulk prices, contact Dollar Store Merchandise by calling 1-877-549-5210 or by sending an email to The company supplies dollar stores across the United States with popular products and helps investors stock and open new stores at cost.