Discount Office Supplies

A comprehensive, varied inventory of wholesale school supplies is essential for any successful discount-retail outlet. Discount stationery, office equipment and school supplies represent some of the most popular items at dollar stores, as small-business owners, students and parents alike choose these retailers to save money while getting quality, brand-name products.

It's a wise idea to cover essentials as well as arts-and-crafts-oriented products, since it's been proven again and again that a wider and more varied selection of products tends to generate more overall sales. Thus, while items like staplers and hole punches, refill notepaper, binders, computer paper and ink cartridges appeal to a wide range of shoppers, retailers shouldn't overlook products like crayons, chalk, poster boards, markers and design accessories.

Offer Low Prices on Wholesale School Supplies

Account holders have access to wholesale prices on these items, allowing them to price these essentials lower than their competitors can. Many discount-retail outlets operate no-frills environments, luring shoppers in with the promise of excellent savings and delivering a wide range of practical as well as entertaining merchandise. Successful outlet operators keep a wide range of wholesale school supplies on hand throughout the year, not just when the end of summer approaches. Consumers turn to these retailers for convenience, low prices and a broad selection throughout the year.

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