Discount Items

If a shopper sees a pile of discount items thrown in a haphazard pile or stuffed in a box, her overall impression might be that they are poor-quality items that aren't worth a second look--definitely not the impression that most stores that sell wholesale products want to impart. Even if these discount items are well made and useful, if they’re not displayed well, they might not sell well.

Quick turnover is the key to any retail business; no one wants stock sitting around gathering dust. However, a newer shop may not know--or have the means--to showcase its items properly. Fortunately, many suppliers that provide these goods will also offer well-priced, practical display solutions for discount items and other wholesale products.

Ideas for Displaying Discount Items

A stack of discount wrapping paper shoved onto a shelf not only looks sloppy, but can be easily damaged as well. Dollar stores can benefit from specially made wire gift-wrap displays. This type of display attaches quickly to pegboard walls without a lot of hardware and can be moved around easily, offering the store more flexibility. For example, the store might want to move the gift wrap to the front of the store during a major holiday like Christmas or Valentine's Day.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers a wide range of display options, such as shelving, hanging wire baskets and tempered-glass display units to organize its discount merchandise. Dollar stores can take advantage of support services and equipment, such as point-of-sale systems. Prospective customers can reach this company at 1-877-549-5210 or