Discount Glassware

Discount glassware is very popular with dollar-store customers, and retail-outlet owners can maximize their profit potential by keeping a wide-ranging selection in stock at all times. Wholesale prices are very low, allowing proprietors the ceiling room to add a healthy markup while still presenting the items for sale at competitive, if not bargain, prices.

Boost Sales with Discount Glassware

Stocking a comprehensive inventory of discount glassware encourages shoppers to purchase multiple items and attracts sales from shoppers who came into the store looking for something else entirely. In any case, discount glassware consistently ranks among the most popular items sold in dollar stores, and wholesalers supply a full selection of varied products across all price ranges. While discount bowls, mirror figurines and vases account for the majority of glassware sales in many retail outlets, ceramic fruit, decorative rocks and mock gemstones and marble items are also very popular with consumers.

Most store owners choose to organize their selections of discount glassware by design or theme, helping customers find multiple items with ease and facilitating a larger sales volume. Together with consumables, inexpensive gift items and housewares, these products form the backbone of a successful dollar store and are among the top draws of new and repeat customers.

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