Discount Children's Books

Discount children's books don't have to be badly written, poorly illustrated tales that no one has heard of before. There are many versions of the classics geared toward kids, and many are priced for the dollar-store market. Many parents want to encourage their little ones to read great literature; however, if the child is too young, reading the original incarnations may be beyond her. Abridged versions can be the answer.

Read up on Classic Discount Children's Books

Tomes geared toward elementary school students may simply take the general story and major plot points of a novel and gear it toward a younger audience. These books are generally short and fully illustrated, and they can include classic tales like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Black Beauty, Heidi, or any number of well-loved fairy tales.

Other discount children's books are intended for advanced younger readers or junior high students, and are merely slightly abridged versions of the original novels. However, these novels will still often include illustrations sprinkled throughout to pique the reader's interest and spark his imagination. These discount children's novels lend themselves to more sophisticated stories, such as Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, The Swiss Family Robinson, and David Copperfield.

Other classic books for kids include fairy tale collections. Instead of a single book featuring one story, these imposing tomes can include dozens--even hundreds--of stories at a discount and often become much-loved favorites that are saved and passed to the next generation.

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