Auto Accessories

Drivers are constantly in search of discount auto accessories. Keeping a car on the road is a more expensive proposition than ever, considering soaring gas prices and sky-bound repair costs. Dollar stores, with their wholesale prices, draw in a large volume of customers looking to save some money on auto accessories in an effort to balance their car budgets. Discount retailers are able to offer a wide range of products, from motor oil to windshield washer fluid, at prices that are far lower that those found at specialty-automotive suppliers.

Usually categorized under the umbrella heading of consumables, discount auto accessories include practical items needed for car maintenance and repair in addition to fun novelty items like fuzzy dice, interior decorations and personalized key chains. However, the majority of drivers coming into dollar stores are looking for products like exterior paint, engine-care products and cleaning products for a car's interior. Successful retailers keep a broad and varied selection of these goods on hand at all times, since larger sales volumes are generated through wider-ranging product inventories.

Stock up on Discount Auto Accessories

Discount auto accessories are available from bulk suppliers at low wholesale prices, allowing dollar-store managers and owners to offer the end consumer significant savings while still realizing healthy profits. Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading wholesale-supply company, helping dollar-store proprietors across North America to stock the products their customers want at bargain prices. To start a new account, request a catalog or ask questions of a customer-service representative, call the company toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or send an email to