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Good consumers are always in pursuit of bargains and it's hard to go wrong when everything in the store is only a buck. But some Dollar Store deals are no bargain. According to Consumer Report’s ShopSmart magazine, there are five products you'd be foolish not to buy at dollar stores.

First, look to buy cleaning supplies-- everything from soap to detergent. Next, gift wrap-- especially gift bags that you may be able to find 2 for $1. Food and snacks are a huge growth area at the dollar stores-- from bananas to salad dressing. Next on the must buy list-- shampoo. Finally, kitchen accessories-- many Dollar Stores have bargains on can openers, knives, spatulas and plastic containers.

On the other hand, ShopSmart says there're certain Dollar Store items you definitely want to avoid too.

Don't buy soft, vinyl lunch boxes-- they may be tainted with lead. Next, keep clear of electrical products-- things like holiday lights and extension cords that are not UL listed. Watch out for toys for kids under the age of three-- especially if they're made in china where they might be mislabeled. Avoid fishy brand names too-- sound a-like products but without the same quality. Finally, and this is a biggie, don't buy vitamins in dollar stores. Vitamins bought in Dollar Stores can be outdated and of poor quality. How do you spot them? Look for tablets that are misshaped or broken, or labels with funny misspellings on them.

Where do Dollar Stores get their stuff? Most of it comes from closeouts. These stores aren't just for folks on low-incomes either-- that's a misconception. Consumers of all walks of life are admitting a bargain's a bargain. Remember that stores vary so check labels carefully and then judge for yourself whether you’re getting a deal or a dud at the Dollar Store.


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52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,158 products on our website for your Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Store, Ten and Below, Dollar
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