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Christmas shopping on a budget
Ledger Independent - Maysville,KY,USA
Marlene said she always looks for sales and was browsing the Family Dollar Store to see what bargains she could find for the children on her list. ...
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 11:03 PM EST

Are you in the market for gift ideas that cost $25 or less? They're out there, you just have to take the time to look for them and go to a variety of stores to find them.

Think of the people on your gift list and think about things that would appeal to them. Do they collect movies, love perfumes, display tons of pictures of family and friends at their home and office? Maybe they love to cook and would enjoy a selection of spices for the holiday.

What about the people on your list that you don't know well, but still need or want to buy a gift for ... the basketball coach, teachers, your car-pool moms, co-workers, your mailman or your elderly neighbor who watches your house when you're away.

With gas prices hovering at $3 per gallon, many people have trimmed their shopping list or at least reduced the amount of what they are spending this year.

Marlene Ashcraft of Augusta spent time Tuesday shopping for the 20 people on her list. Marlene said she always looks for sales and was browsing the Family Dollar Store to see what bargains she could find for the children on her list.

For the first time, Marlene and her siblings, aunts and uncles have decided not to exchange gifts with each other, agreeing instead to buy only for the children in the immediate family.

"You have to comparison shop," said Marlene, who was looking for PlayStation games, scooters and music CDs during her shopping trip.

Marlene said the cost of gasoline has changed how she and her family are shopping this year, but it's not the cost of gasoline alone.

"Gas prices, groceries have all gone up," said Marlene.

For sisters Brenda Highfield of Plumville and Norma Mason of Tollesboro, their shopping habits and the amount they spend haven't changed, but they admit they are always looking for a bargain and are willing to go from store to store to find the best deal.

Each woman shops for about 25 people and spends on average $15 to 20 per person.

But Norma points out that a budget of $15 doesn't mean you will spend that much.

"A purse is always a nice gift," Norma said, adding that you can sometimes find name brand items like purses or clothing for under $10, but you have to be willing to go to discount stores, as well as regular retailers to find the bargains.

Brenda said she doesn't buy expensive gifts anymore "because everybody has everything they want anyway," but she said she still finds unique, quality gifts without spending a lot of money.

A few gift ideas for under $25 to get you started:

Picture frames -- in all sizes and styles, start as low as $2 and go up to $20 for collage style frames; add a personal touch by including a picture of yourself and the gift recipient, their children or grandchildren or family.

Board games for adults and children are available at all prices; Charades for Kids, ages four and up can be purchased for $8, and the DVD version of the mystery game Clue for $14.

Christmas decorations -- pre-lit wreaths, snowglobes, table top decorations, figurines, ornaments ... the person receiving the gift may only see it once a year, but when they do, they'll remember who gave it to them. This is also a great gift for young couples or singles who have moved out on their own and are starting their own collection of holiday decorations.


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