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Dollar Store Merchandise was Last modified: April 17, 2018; "Next Update May 1st 2018"!!
Merchandise suppliers with 52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,156 dollar products on our website for your
Dollar Store, Dollar Plus Store, Discount merchandise store or 123  Dollar Store, Call us to Set up your Dollar Store.

Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**


Dollar Store DVD's and CD's D74

We have the the best wholesale source for classic cartoons, movies and TV shows to contemporary programming for kids, adults, or the whole family! We provide the highest quality content at the best price in the wholesale and dollar store market. Retail products can be found in many of the leading mass-market retailers, both domestically and abroad.

The catalog of Dollar Store films is one of the largest in the industry. Everything is here: classic horror films featuring the likes of Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi, contemporary films with such stars as David Strathairn, Dennis Hopper, Nicole Kidman, and Mickey Rourke, classic TV shows like The Andy Griffith Show, and so much more. Our catalog is constantly expanding, so check back often to see our newest releases for Dollar Stores.

The Dollar Store catalog of children’s products is unparalleled! We have numerous lines of animation, from classic cartoon shorts featuring some of history’s most famous characters to modern animated features based on classic folklore and literature. We also feature educational products like the See & Learn® and Kidsongs® series as well as a wide and ever-expanding range of feature films that the whole family can enjoy.

Our Dollar Store Movie, Cartoon, and Dollar Store Music products can be found all over the world! From Canada to England, and Mexico to France, our products have gained a worldwide audience. We dub all of our international product into country-specific languages, and feature country-specific language on every international cover, for the most convenience for the international consumer.

We all Dollar store categories for value-priced entertainment. All products ship from NJ. Browse our enormous Dollar Store Merchandise catalog.

Our goal is to provide top-shelf entertainment at bargain prices for the mass market. We feature an extensive line of movies from the earliest days of cinema through the new millennium. Our catalog ranges across every genre, from Western to horror to comedy to action and everything in between. We also have an unparalleled line of children’s products, from the live action, sing-along fun of Kidsongs ® to a plethora of animated features and shorts, from Bugs Bunny to an animated, feature-length retelling of The Odyssey. Our catalog never stops expanding, and includes so much more. Check it out yourself on our newly redesigned website.

Our company is always evolving the way we do things, and satisfying the most dire needs of our dollar store and discount store customers each and every time. We are at the top of our game in our industry, and we continue to remain there by making sure our customers are always satisfied with our product. The customer is our number one priority and we take care of ours.

$500.00 Free Freight

Free Rack Model 1003 with 10 cases

Free Rack Model 1350 with 8 cases


Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**

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52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,158 products on our website for your Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Store, Ten and Below, Dollar
Discount Merchandise Store or $1 $2 $3 Dollar Store, 1 to 5 Dollar Stores, Five and Under, Ten and Under, Dollar and More; Call us toll free 1-877-549-5210 to setup your Store with Merchandise, we are Wholesale Suppliers.

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